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BGB Gang Ratings For February

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BGB Gang Ratings For February

Post  Dice (Admin) on Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:27 pm

BGB Gang Ratings

-PayBack Rating: C-

-Purplocity Rating: B+

-Serenity Rating: B-

-Obsidian Rating: D-

-Slightly Epic Rating: B+

-Graal City Terrorist Squad Rating: A+


-Army Rangers Rating: F

-Piru Rating: B-

-NATO Rating: B-

-iChaos Rating: F

FacePunch Rating: A-

Ice Shadows Rating: C-

BlackWater World Wide Co Rating: A+

To become a new member of the Better Gang Bureau Then Contact Dice in game or message him. Ratings Based on Fort Time, Spars, Members, And Gang appearance. Members of certain gangs have been interviewed their names have been hidden to protect their identity.
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